Monday, February 20, 2012

Snowshoeing in Vershire, VT

Trapper John

I met John, aka “Trapper John” at my church in Barre in December, and when I asked if I could photograph him while he set traps for Muskrat and Beaver, he seemed bashful at first, but I soon realized how excited he was to show someone his hobby and trade. I met him at his tiny trailer in East Randolph at least once a week for the past month to photograph him water trapping, skinning muskrat, and beginning to tap maple trees.

John, who is called a “Mountain Man” by some of his friends, as he hunts for deer, birds and coyote, traps for all sorts of animals, taps trees for syrup, raises chickens, and has a large garden, is one of the sweetest people I’ve met up here. In the summer, he grows flowers to give to all the women he knows, and he is a devoted down-to-earth Christian.

I learned an awful lot about water-trapping, including how little trappers make from the furs they sell. On average this winter, John has caught one Muskrat every week during the three-month season. He’ll usually catch one beaver a season, though he hasn’t yet this winter. The current market prices for one muskrat is 10$, and for a beaver it is 30$. For him, its more of a hobby than anything, and a chance for him to get out and walk every morning to check his traps.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meter Reader in Rural Vermont

Fire in White River Junction

It isn't unusual that I'll arrive at a fire soon after the fire is put out, as in this case, but I still did manage to walk away with a nice frame.