Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010


iron & wine, skiing in freshly fallen snow, my dad, going for drives, Jeffrey Porter, moore road, the vastness and depth of my childhood, Jesus Christ, my bicycle, my skateboard, grace and ellie ochran, carl de keyser, jonas bendiksen, alec soth- dog days, argyle socks, Bushra, jumping off waterfalls, four seasons (the actual seasons, not the band), dreams at night, james mcneil whistler, cigar boxes full of good things, emails, anna's poetry, laughing with kirsten, tobbagganing, being early, being late, mistakes, fireworks in the middle of the country, november, march, mark power, jose gonzalez, everything is illuminated, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, playing tag on horseback in a blizzard, rope swings, endless rivers, exploring cemeteries, pittsburgh, snowstorms at midnight, crosby stills nash and young, antique stores, my polish grandmother, my mother's stories, roadkill, the ocean at night, climbing trees, susan meseilas, david hammond's eye for light, michael conti's need to investigate and research, brittney lohmiller's drive to get better, caroline's joy.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I feel like I am in the middle of a lot of photography related things- my project, my classes, finding another project, finding a job for the summer, and maintaining the jobs I already have.

I feel like I have slowed down in the progress of my work as well. I feel like I need to talk to someone in the industry who is passionate and excited in what he/she does, I spend too much time with people who are in the same place and level as me, and how can I grow this way? I am frustrated with having two professors who have completely different opinions about photography- one I agree with more than the other.

I need to make my work and my passion my own again. I need to grow in this way. I don't need to see differently, I just need to refine my way of seeing.