Monday, March 2, 2015

February Favorites

When I look back at February, I remember a bevy of basketball games, several feet of snow, and tucked in somewhere, a glorious vacation to California. While basketball isn't my favorite sport, I've spent this season trying to make different, more meaningful images than my old standard for this game, and I feel successful looking back. Another favorite part of this month was being able to photograph the middle of James Robarge's trial, when he was being questioned in regards to his involvement in his wife's death two years ago. Robarge was found guilty of second-degree murder. It was a thrilling experience to watch as the prosecuting attorney carefully questioned Robarge and picked apart his alibi. There were some smaller visual surprises I've included too, including a cardboard sled race in Quechee, a maple sugaring demonstration in a classroom (for a photo story on learning the craft of maple syrup making), and a story on a leaky roof in a beautiful old library.