Friday, November 16, 2012

George Miller of Jericho Hill farm hangs up a milking unit at Val-E-Vue farm, where most of his cows are kept. Miller is one of two remaining dairy farmers in Hartford, VT.
Rollover crash in West Hartford, VT, caused by high winds brought by Superstorm Sandy. No one was injured.
Sue Skaskiw of Bridgewater, VT and her cat, Skinny Minnie during a portrait session for my most recent column, "The Cause." Sue is an animal rights activist who founded VVSA (Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals) 30 years ago, and started a low-cost spay and neuter voucher program for dogs and cats.
Kristin Small of Claremont holds a sign in support of Romney's presidential campaign on election day in front of the Middle School in Claremont, NH. Small, who has ten children, is worried about the effect the continuation of the Obama administration will have on her children's future.
Democrats in White River Junction, VT November 6, 2012.
Yuyu, 11, of Lyme is a sweet young man who was born in China without a forearm. After he was adopted and moved to the US, he suffered a few strokes, but with the help of his parents, sister, and school, has lived a very normal and happy childhood, playing with his two dogs, learning to dance, and finishing his homework.
I was driving around looking for features when I happened upon this brushfire in Hartland, VT. Spot news is not generally a thing you just stumble upon so I was lucky enough to find the fire, and even luckier to be able to photograph it in this kind of light before I was told to go back to the command center of the fire, as the area still wasn't safe. Fortunately, the fire only burned leaves and brush on a three acre wooded lot- no people or buildings were harmed.