Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Photographed at Brown Barn Farm in Norwich for an Afternoon a Few Weeks Ago

As seen from the air, a tractor in Hartford, VT hays a field. Valley News- Sarah Priestap
At Sugar Mountain Farm in West Topsham, Hope Jeffries, 8, plays in a pen holding some of the youngest piglets. Valley News - Sarah Priestap
Van Lodostov Family Circus instructor Melissa Kowles hoses off soap pie residue from Aida Seaver, 9, of Hartford, while Audrey Elder, 9, of Plainfield, and Erin McCarthy, 10 of Canton, Mass., wait their turn. Valley News - Sarah Priestap
Travis Cook, 17, of Pepperell, Mass., plays with four Oberhasli goats — two of which are his — at the Cornish Fair yesterday as (from left) Darline Pike of Chichester, N.H., Rebecca Dean, 14, and Taylor Paquette, 11, both of Mont Vernon, N.H., watch him. “I think I might be able to stand up with all four goats standing on me,” Cook said. Valley News — Sarah Priestap

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two of Six of my portraits of Thru-Hikers published this past Sunday with their hand-written reasons for hiking the trail.
Photographed a Horse and Fiddle Camp at Hitching Post Farm earlier this Summer. This was one of my favorites.