Tuesday, January 8, 2013

web Woodstock guard Doug Avellino pushes aside Hartford's Cameron Gaudette as the Wasps' Bradley Lewis watches during the first quarter of the Hurricanes' 60-55 boys basketball win last night. Valley News- Sarah Priestap

Monday, January 7, 2013

20120823-roundup-sp-738 The South Royalton Girls Soccer team huddles after their first scrimmage during their practice behind South Royalton Schoolon August 23, 2012. Valley News - Sarah Priestap
20120519-kites-sp-787 CJ Harris, 5, left, of Hanover, and Matthew Tomeny, 6, of Etna, do their best to launch kites at the summit of Balch Hill in Hanover yesterday while Hanover Conservancy volunteer Gail McPeek watches. The Hanover Conservancy sponsored yesterdayís kite day, and children and parents spent the afternoon running around the field with an array of colorful kites trying - with limited success - to catch some wind. Valley News - Sarah Priestap
20120906-golf-sp-036 Benny Hayes places his ball on the green while Nate Choukas, left, leans over to pick up his ball on the first tee during a September 6th golf match at the Hanover Country Club. Valley News - Sarah Priestap
20120711-boat-sp-016 Vahe Kazandjian, of Baltimore, Md., scratches his head after his boat wouldnít start while his partner, Janet Corrigan, also of Baltimore, looks on. The pair, who summer in Sunapee, were taking their boat out for the first time this year and were taking its mechanical problems in stride.Little problems like this are just part of the summer," Corrigan said. "You just go with it." Valley News - Sarah Priestap
20120618-fiddle-sp-05 Aleah Murawski, 7 watches a riding lesson after her first riding lesson at Horse and Fiddle camp. "A couple of my fiddle students left fiddling to pursue horseback riding," said Beth Telford, co-organizer of Horse and Fiddle Camp, "and I realized, why not do them both? " Valley News- Sarah Priestap
I'm working on a new website that will be up in the next week or so, so my regular website, sarahpriestap.com will be down as I transition to a new host. In the mean time, I'll be posting some of my work from this past year that hasn't been on the blog yet. 20120629-dog-sp-284 Stephen Wetmore's border collie Gile guides a group of four sheep across a field during an evening practice session in Strafford in June. Valley News - Sarah Priestap