Monday, December 27, 2010

Views from My Office

For the past four months I've spent roughly 4 hours a day in my car, not only driving to work, but working, looking for standalones, driving to faraway assignments, and going on day trips on my days off. I've listened to NPR, the occasional country music station, and hip hop when I am deep in the country, eaten most of my meals in the car, looked unsuccessfully for moose, and talked to people on the phone. I've made hundreds of u-turns, and almost as many stops at the gas station, as I have driven 11,000 miles since September. I've only gotten one ticket up here, and changed the oil twice.

I've seen some really neat things along the way, some that I didn't get to photograph, others, that I did take a quick shot of and now am compiling on the blog. All of these photos shown were taken from my car within the past four months. The last one in the collage was taken today.

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