Thursday, March 7, 2013

20130306-vn-train-sp-198 20130306-vn-train-sp-153 I met John Hammond of Cornish yesterday when I was working on a story about how the trains that run through the Upper Valley will be increasing their top speed from 55mph to 80mph. While this cuts down on travel time for Amtrak passengers, farmers who use un-gated agricultural crossings will be more at danger than before, including Hammond, who uses 4 different agricultural crossings to move his horses around the fields.

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rpdorgan said...

John! One of my last stops in the valley. I meant to stop back there before I left and make his portrait at sunset with Ascutney behind him. Next trip, I guess. I went home after a stopin Cornish and showed Sally pictures of him - turns out he was Kitty Bacon's farrier and had been up to my old place a few times.